Paris is well known as one of the top art cities on the planet. There really is no other museum that compares to the Louvre (and that is just one of numerous museums here). The amount of art is astounding, and for the most part, it is all locked inside of museums. All except for that of local street artists, which for better or for worse, can be seen for free while strolling the streets any given day. The street artist known as space invader hails from Paris, making it a prominent sight to casually view his work.

While recently visiting the city, I made a point to look up at the corners for his work and take photos everywhere I saw it. His work is often clever and relates to the city or specific place in which the particular piece is found. With over 3,000 works currently invading the world, every one is unique. Here is some of what I found in Paris. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Invader's work is all over his hometown of Paris, but you can also find his work across the world. Here is a map of the invasion:


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